How to get rid of clothes moths

Heat Treatment for Clothes

We have been working with a field biologist, a textile expert and textile testing laboratory, to develop a practical system of heat treating the at risk clothes and garments without causing damage.

Why heat?

At a certain temperature all stages of insect life will be destroyed – including the eggs.

Our work with the testing facility have shown that at the required temperature, Lambs wool and Cashmere are unaffected in terms of shrinking and colour fastness.  We have successfully treated a number of clients treasured garments (mostly cashmere and lambswool) and we continue intend to test further on other sensitive fibres. 


Is it safe for your clothes?  

With the help of the textile expert, we have adapted the heat tent to accommodate the garments in such a way as to ensure they are sufficiently heated throughout, but never handled or arranged in a way that could cause damage, even to the finest of fibres.

What is the Process? 

The heat tent is quite a large piece of equipment, and although it is portable, few homes would have the available space to have it set up on site.  We have therefore opted for a collection and delivery service in (currently only in SW London postcodes).  Taking your at risk items, carefully stored and labelled, to our facility for treatment.  We expect to be returning treated clothes within 24 hours (depending on your postcode).


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